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THE NEST movie review

It’s been about 10 years since American indie thriller Martha Marcy May Marlene showed the world which of the Olsen sisters could play a young woman trapped in a cult. Since then, we’ve seen a lot of movie star Elizabeth Olsen. He can now be found on the small screen of WandaVision. But Sean Durkin, the Canadian writer and director of the film, was far less noticeable. On the plus side, it’s been a while. Darkin’s long-awaited second feature film, The Nest, wasn’t adapted from the novel, but it could be because he knows more about his character than he chose to reveal. Seems to have been: The story is told in the series The number of vignettes that often end abruptly, with important events remaining off-screen. Behind this is the world of commodity trading in the 1980s, the eve of the era of deregulation. This is an ominous result for small businesses and appetizing for large businesses. Ambitious Rory O’Hara (Jude Law) is the dam of this dam, even if he accepts his claim that he was once a millionaire.

When we first met him, Rory was in New York, where Alison was raising horses, with his American wife Alison (Carrie Coon) and their two children (Oona Roche and Charlie Shotwell). ) Lived with. In our opinion, his life is a rich middle class, but not close enough for ambitious Rory. In Alison’s disappointment, he insisted on pulling his family back to London, where he reconnected with his cunning cynical ex-boss (Michael Culkin, who can play the trusted Alfred Hitchcock). Rent a large and noisy mansion in Sally. .. , Dark wood. This house is a character in itself. A symbol of pretending to be Rory, a dream of wealth that quickly turns into a nightmare. The Nest is actually a character work, but there are also thriller and horror movies. The oppressive main location has a lot to do with this, especially when wide shots reduce letters to smaller numbers at the bottom of the screen. It’s not just superficial that the law can convey as an actor, but he certainly has the skills to do it. Rory is like a middle-aged version of the Yuppie method played in the 2004 comedy I Heart Huckabees. A smiling and gesturing salesman who has lost control of the mechanics of attractive people. Rory is really charismatic and not a natural loser like the character of William H. Macy in Fargo. Still, dramatic legislation guarantees that you will be hit by catastrophes one after another, and the worse it gets, the more you will claim that everything is going well.

Alison is also a little out of control. One of the first things we learn from her is that she is the type of person who smokes the moment she wakes up. But that doesn’t give us an easy way to summarize the character, which is an advantage of Kuhn’s excellent performance. In public, it can be attractive in a fairly impersonal way. Rory describes her as “my beautiful blonde American wife.” This turns out to be part of the way he sees her, like a prize on her arm.

Personally, she seems to have retired, wrapped in loose knitwear to protect her from the cold of Britain, especially after being stuck in a dark old house. Gradually we find that we are experiencing a slow mental collapse, but there is no guarantee as to who will get the ultimate benefit in the power struggle between men and women.

Nest is not a perfect movie. Some footage is repeated frequently, Darkin’s ears for regular dialogue are undoubtedly, and viewers may discuss the benefits of the end, but it’s completely to the promise of what happened before to me. Is not responding.

But it is more mature, absorbed and cared for than most of today’s problems, and how concerns about status and material success, which are central themes, can lead to disasters. , You may feel uncomfortable at home.