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The Addams Family 2 movie review

In the comedy film “The Addams Family 2”, the beloved characters of Charles Addams thought as silly, goofy, mysterious and horrible as ever, the laughter is still dark and scary, but he was a good man.

In other words, this fantastic series of 2019 films offers the same thing, despite a team of four new writers and directors Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon.

As in the previous movie, the word parent comes first. Gomez Addams (voice of Oscar Isaac) and his beloved wife Morticia (voice of Charlize Theron) are worried about their children, Pugsley (voice of Javon Walton) and Mercredi (voice of Chloe Grace Moretz).

Pugsley lacks love, distrust and girls. Uncle Fester (pronounced Nick Kroll) advises him on, as he puts it, “how to be something that is disgusting and attractive to girls”. He should know, because talk about his age is in public.

Wednesday spends her days looking for new ways to bully her brother and classmates. She longs to be alone, noting: “I’ve been far away since I was born.”


Morticia and Gomez were shocked when a fearful lawyer named (appropriately) Rupert Strange (pronounced Wallace Shawn) appeared at their door, saying he had evidence that Wednesday was not their daughter. . Changed when he was born, he may have been the son of his beautiful scientific son, Cyrus Strange (Bill Hader declared).

The parents decide it’s high time to get out of Dodge and take the family on a trip across America, with Thing, the remote hand, behind the wheel of a car. Dedicated alcoholic Lurch (pronounced by Conrad Vernon) and nephew Itt (pronounced by Snoop Dogg) join the tour, both of which are as incomprehensible as ever. Grandmother Addams (announced by Bette Midler) is staying home to order a party.

Stops on the road that include anticipation (Sleepy Hollow, Valley Valley) and something new (Miami, San Antonio). In Niagara Falls, the family happily dives into the barrel and flies overhead. Pugsley firefighters managed to explode the Grand Canyon. When Wenezde found out the real reason for their escape, he decided to investigate on his own, competing in a California lab.

Shaking (with no purpose) like Looney Tune from place to place, “The Addams Family 2” ends in oil (and laughter) long before the journey ends. As young viewers can misinterpret what readers read about torture and gun violence, this film is especially suited for both young adults and adults.

This movie has a lot of fun and humor in a safe horror series. The official standard of Catholic service is A -II – adults and youth. Motion Picture Review is PG – Parenting Tips. Some things may not be right for children.