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Jungle Cruise movie review

Nothing you’ve ever seen on a Jungle Cruise; despite the good production, the 3D is beautifully translated. Also reminiscent of the Caribbean Pirates movie – taking Jungle Cruise as another sequel to the theme park tour – there are pieces of the Indiana Jones movie The Mummy and The African Queen.

That doesn’t mean this movie is boring. It was a very fun, fun trip full of monsters, magic, and horrible word games. Dwayne Johnson, as head of Steamboat Frank, jokes funny and chemical with his panther-in-pants Lily (Emily Blunt) gorgeous, smiling face and family friend. It also has the most delicious jaguar. In 1556, when Aguirre (gardgar Ramírez) led the conquerors to the Amazon to search for the magic tree, Tears of the Moon, whose flowers would cure his daughter, the forest became so great for them that it eventually became a curse for eternal life. Forests turn them into walking animals, trees and deadly frog mud.

Cut in 1916, the Royal Society rejected Lily’s research into the tears of the moon. Lily decided to go with her brother, MacGregor (Jack Whitehall) to Amazon to find a flower and help in the British war. There is also an unpopular German president, Joachim (Jesse Plemons) who wants flowers. Lily and MacGregor arrive in Brazil and after a few events involving Frank’s enemy – the captain Nilo (Paul Giamatti) and the cockatoo Rosita – hires Frank to take them to the Lágrimas de Cristal where the tree is believed to be.

On their heels, in a U-boat, Joachim decided that the immortal winners would help him. When important meetings in the form of the devil’s throat and the head of Trader Sam (Veronica Falcón) are led, and in competition against time, our fearless travelers arrive at the tree. Frank reveals a secret about himself, MacGregor insists that Lily try her hand at Frank’s humor. Although Johnson had great physical ability to play Indiana Jones, he was in good spirits and focused on his nerves in the game. MacGregor’s desire to lie “somewhere else” is still another factor in Disney’s demise. Lily of Blunt follows the long tradition of women writers from Katharine Hepburn’s Rose and The African Queen to Rachel Weisz’s Evie in The Mummy. Anyway, he is an expert in choosing the locks he learns from children in Delhi and throws bad spots.

All is well, but what happened to Proxima, jaguar? Maybe this will show.