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The Mad Women’s Ball movie review

Located in the nineteenth century in the nineteenth century, a crazy female ball looking for Yugeni (Lu De Lag), a young and rich lady that feels in family and sexual expectations. His father expects marriage to marry the man, while you want to travel and go to new adventures and things like his brother’s power (Benjamin Voisin, who has been seen in the summer of TIFF20 from 85). But there is more to the story of Eugene; This is a significant gift that allows you to hear and communicate with the dead. When you discover your family, they announce that they are crazy and limited to a variety of mental companies. Basic treatment for women, regardless of pain, non-humanity and Talenta, and only issuer of Eugene, is a relationship with the organized national leadership (Melanny Laurent). Monday is a deal – as Eugenie helps Jinces to communicate with his deceased family members make him easier. The Ginkgo Ball is the last attempt by the author / manager / actor of Melanie Lorentet, who was known as American fans as a Shoshana American shot in the Wafi war war in Qutenen Tarantino. But in the main French, it is also known as the author and a theater constructor. For the last attempt, they collected Leg with the actor, one of his stars (breathing). Crazy women’s ball is an ambitious combination of many of the following materials, including dramatic psychological excitement, room drum, and no thriving friendship. Clearly, Laurent is more interested in the latest and due to the source materials for the film (Victoria diamond novel) of the same name), a long time (more than two hours), a crazy woman can feel all without nutrition. Terms of expectations General. When it comes to erotic / psychoelectric drums, Laurent is a good job for complications and a story. Complex Eugenie methods, including enclosed inside the ice bath, carefully and Don Hastrightright, with the support of the film by Nicholas Caracats (Bullhead, Drop, I Tonia and Corola), which feels the feeling of discomfort. However, the full focus is not perfect enough, which means that the mental eugenie condition does not really realize – you can really communicate with the dead? “Gifts” he is treated as a truth, both in mind and lorrent, weaken the feeling of a film. Everything comes to expectations; Some claim that the film is undoubtedly considered to be a question about mental health, but focuses on the severe torture of women under medical medical treatment. Whether Laurent is convincing; Especially the way men in the organization (goalkeeper, doctors, and exploitation of women for their profits) are filmed, and how crazy clinical women (a woman who is hysterical hysterical after sexual advancement in his uncle) and after women Is the patient. Growed whether the patient is otherwise used toxic environment where to or even catatoni, or they were actively involved, just like with the woman of Soldiers of Jean (Emmanuel Birkot).
Enjoy chemistry between low and tight Laurent is compelling, not sticky in ways to create any conflict in their relationship. The nature of the simple and unpretentious nature and adventure in practice is for the first time, making it easy to sympathize to the public with it. This is as big as the adventure in emotions, where Eugene is deeper in this company. Lauren is a great work as Geneva, especially when examining domestic conflicts in developing their needs and needs of women, institution and family, while they remain in hard ways. In general, crazy football from women who are emotionally persuaded to portray both women’s abuse, desire for mental illness and friendship. recommended.